Visual Risk Technologies

Visual Risk Technologies has been developing risk and reliability technology solutions since 1988. Unfortunately, their website looked like it had been developed around the same time. Kidding, kidding...

But seriously, the VRisk folks decided it was time for an online facelift, and they turned to uber-designer Celia Stratton of Landam Design Works. Celia brought me in as a technical consultant, and the rest is history.

Celia and I have a great working relationship, and it's always fun to work with her. Basically, she makes everything look fantastic, and I make everything work as a real live website. So for me that means lots of CSS work, turning her designs into a working, standards-compliant site. In this case, we also threw in some pseudo-flashy coolness on the home page, courtesy of the JQuery Cycle plugin.

Fun Fact #1: Celia is my sister-in-law.

Fun(ny) Fact #2: Celia may be an insanely talented designer, but she tends to not focus so much on her own design needs. To wit: her website looks like it was designed in 1997...BECAUSE IT WAS DESIGNED IN 1997. Complete with splash page, animated .GIFs, and badly-tiling background images. Yes, we are working to resolve this, but Celia is so dang busy it may be a while. Personally I think she should just leave it alone and eventually it will be stylish again :)

If you want to contact Celia, you can do so at landamdesign at gmail dot com.

technical stuff was created using lots of plain 'ole HTML and CSS goodness. Any client-side stuff was done using JQuery.

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